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RtoL - Scamper, Rascal, Topaz
Front - Amber at  8 mos old
(Rascal/Nash puppy)
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                         MOA'S GOLDENS...
Being married  for 40  years and staying at home raising our 5 children has been a truly
rewarding experience over time. --well, mostly anyway!!   Now that the kids are  on their
own.,  I find owning and  raising Golden Retrievers to be just an extension of that which I have
already known and loved...
I presently enjoy having 3 goldens, and 1 Havanese living here with me and my husband.  I   
Breeding for about 21 years now, I breed 1 to 3  litters a year.   My dogs are not kept in a
kennel  environment nor left outside, but are members of our family.  When a litter is due to be
born, my husband brings out the custom designed  whelping box he made for the puppies.  My
living room is transformed into a nursary for the next 2 months where they are watched 24
hours a day for the first 3 weeks. This room also becomes my quarters until they leave so they
can receive night care and cleanup (Somebody has to do it...)  This central location allows them
to experience family life to the fullest, so when their big day comes, they will have a good start
accepting  new people and situations.
I take my role as a breeder very seriously to keep the puppies healthy, happy, and safe.  Each
pup is individually handled  every day from day one as part of their socialization process.
Although health and temperament are my primary goals for a family pet, I also choose males
with features that compliment the female for attractive golden puppies/dogs and with
an impressive pedigree.
My dogs and litters are registered with the American Kennel Club
(AKC). I am also a member
of the Golden Retriever Club of America
(GRCA) and follow its guidelines as to the
recommended health clearances for the breed.  I enjoy the sport of Agility and Rally O with my
dogs.  They also go on Therapy visits to a group home.

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AKC Registered
OFA hip clearance
CERF eye clearance
SAS heart clearance
5 Yr. Guarantee
Member GRCA